Privacy Policy

W-BEE Federal Credit Union is committed to making financial products and services available that will enable you to meet your financial needs and reach your financial goals. Protecting personal information and using it in a manner consistent with your expectations is a high priority to everyone associated with your credit union.

We will protect your privacy by conducting our business in the following manner:

  • W-BEE Federal Credit Union will gather only the personal information vital to conduct our business.  This means we will be concerned with data necessary to provide our financial services and products – and absolutely nothing else.
  • W-BEE Federal Credit Union will safeguard your personal information by utilizing protected security controls in our computers and office environment.
  • W-BEE Federal Credit Union will make member information available to any member during all open office hours without exception.  If an error is discovered by any of our members involving our data input, we will correct our records immediately.  If the error involves an item we received from another business, we will advise our member how to contact that business so a correction can be promptly made.  Additionally, we will note in our files that the information we have is being contested by our member.
  • W-BEE Federal Credit Union will share information if necessary to administer our products and services, when mandated by the government, or when we utilize another business partner to increase  or enhance our products and services.
  • W-BEE Federal Credit Union will associate only with businesses that have exceptionally strict confidentiality requirements.  We will NEVER authorize any business associate to deduct fees from your account without prior receipt of your written consent. Additionally, we will NEVER release member information to any telemarketing firm.
  • W-BEE Federal Credit Union will offer members the ability to stop their information from being shared with other business associates.  We will tell you how to make this important decision and we will implement your requests in a professional and timely manner.  Furthermore, we will remind you about this choice at least annually.