79th Annual Meeting Dinner Party

There’s still time to make your dinner reservation for our Annual Meeting dinner party on Sunday, May 7th at the Gramercy in Pittston!

$22 per person includes:

  • 3 hour open bar
  • All you can eat buffet including roast beef, roast chicken, baked flounder, baked ziti, potatoes, veggies, salad, and dessert
  • Entertainment by Sound Abound (barbershop group)

Please make your reservation by April 28th by calling (570) 825-9950 or stopping by any of our offices!

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Wilkes-Barre and Wyoming Offices Now Open

Wilkes-Barre and Wyoming offices are now open.  Shavertown will remain closed for today and will resume normal hours on Friday.

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Winter Weather

All branches will most likely be closed on Tuesday, March 14 due to inclement weather and may open late on Wednesday, March 15 depending on road conditions.  Please note that if we are closed, no deposits or withdrawals will clear through your account until we re-open.  You may still continue to use your debit card, write checks, or pay bills via ACH; these transactions will be processed when normal business resumes.

If you need to make a transaction in person, we encourage you to call (570) 825-9950 before leaving home to make sure the office is open.

We hope all our members, officials, and staff will have a safe few days during this trying time!

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2016 Christmas Club Payout

As usual, the Christmas Club payout will occur after the close of business on October 31.

If you have a share draft (checking) or debit card accounts, funds will be automatically transferred.  Otherwise, your check will be in the mail by November 3rd.  Please update your address with us if necessary!

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Holiday Helper Loan Special

Pay off your higher interest credit cards with a Holiday Helper!  Check out these rates:

3.99% APR for 15 Months

4.49% APR for 20 Months

4.99% APR for 25 Months

This unsecured loan special will only last until February 29, 2016, so give us a call today at (570) 825-9950 to schedule your appointment to apply.

* The rates apply to new money only and is not subject to refinance at these rates.  The amount eligible to borrow is determined by income level.  In cases of poor credit or high debt ratio, loan approval may be determined by the Credit Committee and Board of Directors.

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