2022 Christmas Club Payout

If you have a Christmas Club with us (“S20” account), the payout has been set for the close of business on Monday, October 31, 2022.

If you have a share draft/transaction account (“S99” or “S98” account), funds will be transferred there as in years past.

If you do not have a share draft/transaction account, funds will be transferred into your primary share (“S10” account). You can then withdraw at your convenience.

If you would prefer a check mailed to you or funds transferred into a different account at our credit union, please call us at (570) 825-9950 on or after November 1st to withdraw the funds. Special requests cannot be processed prior to the payout.

If you are planning to call for a check withdrawal, please ensure that you have updated your address with us! We regret that we must charge a stop payment fee for stop payments due to bad address.